keisuke: (Akira ★ but you believed that i could be)
risa geez ([personal profile] keisuke) wrote2012-02-06 11:28 pm

More than Useless

HI GUYS!! Wow I um. Haven't posted on my DW yet HAHA oops u_u

This is Risa! Hello. I'm sitting here smoking a hookah while typing this. Ummm... I've been so boring lately ugh I really don't have much to update on which is why I haven't been posting ;__;...

♡ I restarted my file on Tales of the Abyss! I just for to Torem Harbor, and I'm taking a break for the rest of the night. Right now, my party is Yuri(obv), Rita, Estelle, and Karol. I dislike using Karol, but Repede kept on using all my items during battles and it was getting annoying!! Plus Karol has a healing move and he DOES hit by a lot so... As much as I don't really like the kid, he's being used u_u! Also my bb Flynn is everywhere right now so I'm like giddy as fuck about that.

♡ I now own two hookahs! One tiny light up one, and one medium sized red one. I use the red one more, it hits a lot better honhonhon...

♡ GOING BACK TO SCHOOL IN THE SUMMER!! Right now, I'm just going through the financial aid process so I can see if I'm eligible for any grants, and take out a loan. Gotta pay this stuff myself mmmmmm. I still don't know what I'm majoring in so it's just basic studies for now.

So yeah that's what's going on with me. HOW'RE YOU GUYS?? I haven't talked to you all in forever nnnnngh ;__;

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