keisuke: (Gian ★ Lucky Bastard)
risa geez ([personal profile] keisuke) wrote2012-03-01 10:34 pm

o2. Aijo Cycling

Icon post at [community profile] healthdrink !!

I actually posted this a while back, but ehhh I've been so lazy about updating haha. So! I'mm do a bullet entry because I'm still relatively lazy.

♡ If anyone here is a fan of Lucky Dog 1, I dunno if you know this this there's an official manga out of it! I don't know if they'll take the BL route(genres aren't looking like it will), but it's nice to know what's going on and what's being said when and where!
♡ Also, if you enjoy Pokemon, I'm a moderator of a fun little forum, called Ever Grande City, which you're all welcome to join! Be sure to put 'Gian Carlo' as your referrer if you do!!
♡ I also started to use tumblr a lot more!  [ profile] ortolani n__n

LMFAO I feel bad, this entire update is my just pimping things. Welp!!

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